Drunken Exquisiteness Chapter 1

The house is very dark, Ning Wenqing has arrived home, almost using all of her strength to kick her shoes far away, hitting the expensive mahogany floor with a muffled bang. She stood in the dark for a little while, then slowly walked barefoot to the bedroom to get another pair of shoes to throw.

The floor is cool, almost like stepping into shallow icy water. The window allowed some moonlight to sprinkle in, creating a hazy on veil on the fine decorations, with a quiet, strange taste.

Ning Wenqing did not think about turning on the light, and just sat in the bed. Three seconds later, she went into a daze.

Li Tang and Xu Feifei just looked then discussed with each other. They remained in the front and thought Ning Wenqing is affectionate, yes she truly is affectionate, but also disgusting. She felt disgusted.

There was no other reason. This is because Li Tang is her fiance, and Xu Feifei is just her good friend. A rotten story, she stops at a parking lot-like area in her wedding dress just to see the two together was the first idea.

Are you hurt now? She asks herself, there really is a feeling of sadness, but not because of the couple’s affection, but rather to hear Li Tang say that sentence.

Married to half the shares Ning Wenqing has.

The fiance’s secret affair is probably not the cause of the pain, but because Li Tang is actually this sort of person. Ning Wenqing thought she found the perfect fiance: heroic air, handsome, suave, a stature of jade, talented, considerate, generous, and humorous. During school and after work, working as the head of the Ning Enterprises, his blade has seen countless lakes and rivers. Ning Wenqing’s usually unexcited father nodded his head to Li Tang and boasts that he would have the perfect son-in-law, a hero.

An insightful hero? More like just blind. The story of Prince Charming and the Princess is just a myth.

He wanted to marry half the shares of Ning Enterprises, not Ning Wenqing herself. His promise is to Ning Enterprises, not to Ning Wenqing; his sweet nothings are for Ning Enterprises to listen, not for Ning Wenqing.; his tenderness is for Ning Enterprises, not for Ning Wenqing.

Ning Wenqing blinked her eyes then smoked through her nose (?) again and again without tears in her eyes. How weird. She and Li Tang were not love at first sight during university, to see someone with a heart as steady as a mountain is really not daring. Is it reasonable to say that she should not be crying again and again over someone who is just normal?

She subconsciously put her wrists together on the Bixi bracelet, there really is no way for the heart to not be depressed, no hysterical feeling, the heart is too awake to feel numb.

She laughed at herself again and again, it is not good for someone to be too clever, especially a woman.

The clear, colorful Bixi beads felt cool, very comfortable. Ning Wenqing originally had a expressionless face, but now it is showing a smile.

She dawdled getting up from bed and reached out to get a small silver box decorated with a simple pattern. Inside the box was a dark blue velvet pouch. Inside contained several strings of crystal bracelets. This was Ning Wenqing’s collection of the best bracelets through many years.

Ning Wenqing picked “Black Diamond Warrior”, the obsidian is said to help the owner avoid evil , and said to herself, “Go away bad luck, get out.” Eighteen obsidians are hanged on the ceiling like stars, whenever she opened her eyes, she could see them. The faint moon watched her.

Ning Wenqing continued to take out her treasures from the box: pure gold, brilliant titanium crystals, auspicious wealth and jewlry blessed by Buddha; if worn on the left hand, it is able to ward off bad luck.

The clear, light blue Hailan Treasure is able to enhance one’s persuasiveness and purify one’s spirit.

The obscure white of the Moonlight Stone lets one obtain a gentle mood and enhance their understanding.

The deep green treasure basin spirit is said to have the Goblin God of Wealth who is able to give its owner an air of elegance and find fortune.

The gorgeous dark-red garnet is to fight off worries and sadness, turns owner into a beauty, bring happiness and eternal love, smile….and wear it.

The noble, bright purple amethyst develops intelligence, maintains a steady mood, and represents….strong love. Keep smiling……and wear it, wear it.

The hibiscus starlight bracelet, where the Goddess of Love shows the color of love, brings a happy love life. If you and your partner have a falling out, this can cure it.Continue smiling……this one has to be worn.

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Bixi Bracelet 


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Hibiscus Starlight Bracelet


New Translation Project: Drunken Exquisiteness by Shi Si Ye

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Sorry for the long hiatus, but I am back and with a new project. I found “Drunken Exquisiteness” on Shushengbar and it seems interesting so I decided to translate it.

Summary from Shushengbar:

Feng Qingchen is a sorceress of Mingyi tower, the secret organization tasked with protecting the royal family. Yuan Ling is a prince from Western Wei, a ruling kingsom during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Yuan Zhan, the seventh prince is Yuan Ling’s biggest competitor in both power and love.

After getting to know each other, Feng Qingchen is impressed by Yuan Ling’s abilities and suppresses her feelings for the sake of seeing him ascend his rightful position. Despite Qingchen’s contributions to the kingdom, the court is vehemently against Yuan Ling marrying a woman who dabbles in black magic. Yuan Zhan launches a coup on the day of the wedding ceremony, and Qingchen uses her powers to reset the universe in an effort to prevent further bloodshed. Qingchen is eventually able to heal the rift between Yuan Ling and Yuan Zhan, allowing them to join hands to overthrow corrupt officials and return peace to the land.Lost_love_in_times_poster.jpg

Hey I’m Alive

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Update: Hey I’m alive

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I know I have been gone for about a year (wow time flies), and some of you may be upset with me for not responding to your questions about any translation projects. I am so sorry about that!! School was taking up most of my time and focus, but I promise to be more active in terms of drama reviews and translations. If any of you have any ideas on what I can translate, please comment below! Ideas are greatly appreciated!! When I decide on a project, there will be one chapter update per week and once a month there will be a drama review. I know it isn’t ideal, but I am also balancing school and extracurricular activities with this.

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TQGZ and Hua Xu Yin

I’m sure everyone has heard about the gossip surrounding TQGZ and her books. I am completely shocked about what happened but after reading Hamster’s post about it, I am disappointed and shocked.

About the translation of HXY, I have considered for a while and decided that I will quit this translation. I cannot translate a book whose author has been accused of plagiarism because I would be going against my morals and conscience. I am really really sorry and I hope that everyone will understand.

If anyone has suggestions about what book to translate, then please tell me. I’m about okay with any book, but I’m a huge fan of ones that take place in ancient times!

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Hua Xu Yin Chapter 6 (3) 13 Yue

Hey everybody, I’m back!! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year 🙂 Sorry I took a while to update, but hopefully you guys have read the second update status. Last time we were with Mu Yan and Jun Fu; Mu Yan rejected the idea of a ghost marriage which caused Jun Fu to be upset. She really wants to tell him how she feels and wants to be with him. Aiya, one cannot help but fell bad for our pitiful Jun Fu. 

That night, I lie in some tripod on the piano accompanied by Mu Yan and not knowing when to sleep. After listening to Jun Wei say four more words, Mu Yan took me back to my room. But when I woke up, he had to leave. Just like three years ago at the mountain with Mu Yan. We were always unwittingly missing each other. Yet we did not have a large amount of feelings, we just let this place become empty.


The place we need to go to now is Si Fang city, the capital of country Zheng. After hearing this name, it sounds like the city should be constructed according to some profound principles of geometry. Actually, it is all a big misunderstanding, the city is named Si Fang because they people who live there like to play mahjong*. The trio of Jun Wei, Xiao Huang and me made haste to the city- the reason being that Master Jun sent a carrier pigeon saying that he had found a job there for me. This time, the client’s identity was fairly special. She was a lady who resided in the imperial palace of the Zheng Court.   

The mountainous and fluvial State of Zheng means that most of the time we could only travel by boat. However, very few boatmen agreed to take us due to Xiao Huang’s presence. It wasn’t easy to find a one who preferred money over his life. They would often have to pay with the other foot**to board the pirate ship. Considering the horses did not want to deal with Xiao Huang in fear of being eaten, all we can do is endure this. But then money will become scarce in the long run, then it is inevitable that we won’t be able to successfully reach our destination. At the last resort, Jun Wei had to force the boatman: ” You want money, I have none. You want my one life, you can try. But if you don’t I’ll let my tiger kill you.” I did not expect this approach to be exceptionally easy to use. We were almost unimpeded near the destination, but the people were caught and the local authorities fined a lot of money from us which used last of our money for our journey.

At this time we are about fifty li*** away from Si Fang City which is an estimate of three more days to go, but we have money. While on the way, Jun Wei recently composed a novel, Popular SM Route, it should be a useful market, you can help buy the novel so we can earn money for our journey. Xiao Huang and I are ecstatic about finding a way out of this and the people in Guan Dao are happily putting out their stalls. I have deep hope for this. 

In the end we didn’t go.

Afterwards we found out the reason Jun Wei’s book is not fully equipped with erotic illusions, but there is no such awareness, just feeling desperate. After thinking for a long time, I realized the only way is to have Xiao Huang go against nature and eat grass.

* Chinese card game 

** Not completely sure, but I think it means the other payment which is their life

*** Miles

Hua Xu Yin Update Post 2

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I know I haven’t update Hua Xu Yin in a couple of months and i am terribly sorry about that. However, I am back and I have good, big news: Hamster428 will be helping me translate so it will go by faster and the translation will be more accurate!! 🙂

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Link to Hamster’s blog: https://hamster428.wordpress.com/